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actually, idk why ive procrastinated about this for more than 2 years,
but actually ive a replicate of this blog over at catharsis1410 
and 90% of the time, all the entries are duplicated there...
the only difference is the audience i suppose, because
2 years ago, i was just more comfortable with segregating different social circles
but aiya, keeping that up would be impossible...
especially since our world is so small, and everyone's so connected to each other,
its just inevitable that the lines between different social circles will start to blur right?

im not going to delete this blog, cause its older than the other and
ive more memories here than there... not that the other isnt like 10%locked as well la.
different secrets, different rants for different groups of people u see.
but anyway, im going to lock this from now onwards... for future random, emo posts.
in other words, i cant promise frequent updates ^^

so add me at my other account, and i'll see u on the other side kay (:

L'hiver avant l'hiver/ the winter before winter


vogue paris august 2010 - favourite editorial of the week!
haha, rather predictably filled with sheer, destroyed, distressed, floral, lacey pieces...
aka everything romantic and everything i would want in my wardrobe.

really adore the intricate details and print of that last rodarte dress,
which is rather reminiscient of dion lee's dresses right,
though, the latter is much shorter and has a lighter and simpler colour palette.

still, both are pretty awesome (: yum yum.

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new laptop ♥♥!

they're probably better laptops out there, but anything's better than my
almost-obsolete 3year old tablet.... and with photoshop cs5, i7 and a 14" screen,
im seriously more than satisfied!

busy installing and transferring stuff over naooooo :>

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alexander mcqueen resort 2011

sarah burton is amaaazing... i like how she manages to retain the integrity
of McQueen's design and style, while executing both with more restraint.